The British Faery: Californian Sun!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Californian Sun!

Hello Everyone!
The flight over here was fantastic, although long and tiring, the views were magnifiscent, the clouds rolling over the hills and mountains like ghostly herders at first, until we were high in the sky, so surrounded by blinding white light as if we had flown straight into heaven.
I caught all my connecting flights without a hitch, and no pain, either!
Laume and Jeff greeted me at the airport, and we had a Wendys on the journey home, I hadnt eaten for goodness knows how long!
It is so warm here, its already boiling when i wake up! Still got to have a cup of tea though, thank goodness Laume has PG Tips!

Been very busy yesterday, we went to WallMart, to buy fabric and goodies for our costumes, and She took me to a thrift store too, I have pictures of everything, I will see if i can upload them.
I got lots of very nice goodies at the thrift store, and im having lots of fun making my costumes, laying around in the sun reading, with Laume's 100 cats. (I will remember all there names...) And little Rosie, the Chihauha.
I also went to the fair, which was so much fun! There was loads of contests, Quiltmaking, baking, photography,art, and flower decorating. There was live music, rodeo rides, fair rides, stalls and all sorts. We got some great shots of the fair rides lit up in the dark, too!!

Till next time,
Your British Faery,


  1. What did you buy from the thrift store???
    It looks very posh!
    Make sure to wear plenty of sun cream!!!

  2. I brought some cotton trousers, cream and white gingham, some green floral trousers that im taking in to be leggings, some pillow cases to make dresses... Haha. Im shipping this home i think!!
    Miss you xxxx


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