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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Faery Tea :)

So, after not feeling so good after coming home, my bestie invited me over, and surprised me with this:

Faery Tea!

A beautiful faery grotto with flower tea cups, faerylights, veggie,celioac Pizza, and Cherry Lambrini. :D It was so nice to just sit and relax, and properly catch up. i stayed for 3 days, and it was just so nice. It has to happen more often. :)
With Mummy Mandy's amazing veggie Pizza

And my wonderful bestie of course :)Eeee!
ElderStubbs Festival :D
On Saturday, (Today...) we went to The Elderstubbs Festival, where Mummy Mandy was selling her FaeryWare. :)

It has all these amaxing wooden structures everywhere, mainly dinosaurs, that were labeled, stubbsaurus. :P
Her Stall.....
Mandy sells amazing Faery things, wands, miniture cake, tea parties, coins, offerings. I would buy all of it :D
My Faery Mother...
Fun in the Sun
Some Flora:


  1. That looks so beautiful!!! I want a faerie tea!! We need to set something up like that at the festival next year. Wouldn't it beautiful to set up something like that up it our little hang out area!?!?!

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  3. Yes! Hawk is having a kasbah behind his stall, Ill get onto it :)


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