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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

On the Way

So, Me and Mir jumped Jade, ( Her beloved Toyota BEAST) and headed off. As you can see, Miranda was over excited at the prospect of hangin out with all her college friends, and we had a blast driving up.So, we got to her friends house, and met all of Amanda, (Miranda's friend) Friends, and waatched The Longest Yard. :)

Then started of early for Rhiannons and Rowans. :) Well, we got their WAY early, and so for awhile, slept... and ate lucky charms... Sorry Duncan, they were yours.

The, we headed to safeway, and managed to get the guy at the starbucks booth to make special Odwala smoothies for us, yay! And ate lots of Doritoes, and had SO many laughs.

WE then went to Fred Meyers, and just mucked around...trying on all the silly clothes...

Im at Rhianoon and Rowans now, and m having such a good time, so Im goign to be off, and next time i blog i will be at home :) :(

Here is there cat looking less than pleased at being washed. :) He had a little slug friend...
Rowan with his cool birthday mask!And at the end of the day, Snoopy decided it was time to curl up with his cuddly toy and get some rest. :)

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