The British Faery: Penzance Faery Ball and Halloweeen!!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Penzance Faery Ball and Halloweeen!!!

Last weekend, I went down to Penzance, Cornwall, with Mother! To the FaeryBall. Great Fun! We met lots of people ( At the Faery Tea Party!!) And very much enjoyed dressing up and being freee! My dress for the first hour or so....!!!

I brought this dress from a vintage boutique just before the ball, and it was the most expensiiive thing i have ever brought! I havent wore blue for ageees, (I havent wore anything thats not green or brown for ages!!) but, there was something about it that i really felt drawn too, tho0ugh i did change it half way through the night!!

Fyre Le Fay Doing some Fire Dancing =)
We were treated to dome beautiful fire dancing, she had wiiiings of fire!

Our verrry wonderful hotel! We stayed in this fantastic hotel, that was furnished in 18th century decor, and was just beautiful =)
Faery Tea Party!! A secret gathering, in a veggie, vegan organic foodie bar =D
And we finished the weekend with some Jazz =D

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