The British Faery: Changes =)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Changes =)

A lot of changes have been going on just lately! Number one being that I decided that the dreads had to go. It broke my heart, but it felt SO good! I was reaally nervous about it, but I have to admit, I LOVE the new hair =)
So, I don't know whether its the new hair or the new year, ( Though I'm not a big 'new' year resolution girl...) but something has definatley changed in me. All of my pecisms (sp?) aside, I think 2010 WILL be a good year =) It has certainly started out well!
All of the creative spurges that were half finished in my room are finished, new ones over and completed, it is minus about 7+ bags of clutter, junk and rubbish, the room is clean,tidy and beautiful, something I would have laughed and completely refused to belive could ever be true 2 months ago.
I look forward to seeing what adventures 2010 will bring me =)So, What do you think?

Oh, and this is the (COLD) way the weather started this year!!



  1. I LOVE the new hair! Very Faeish!

  2. I love your hair! You must have an AMAZING hairdresser!!!

  3. I have the best hairdresser in the world!! Thankyou Jasmine! I love it tooo!! =D

  4. You've had the dreds for so long I wasn't sure but you still look fabulous. Your face looks thinner too for some reason. It's been awhile since this post, how's the haircut now that you've lived in for a while? Seems like the hair change and the decluttering are somehow connected - I always feel like how I feel physically affects my environment and vice versa. I'm decluttering too - although that might take all year! I think I need someone to help me make things out all my lovely fabricses. Wish you were independently wealthy and could just fly on over whenever you wanted. Sigh.


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