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Sunday, 21 November 2010

The last couple of days...

Ive been walking around Crans, and yesterday, I went into Geneva. I didnt really enjoy it, to be honest. Its a weird city.
Took me a while to find the actual decent part of Geneva, and that was accidiental-  got lost, stumbled onto a church fete, to find EVERYONE therewas English.
They told me how to get to the 'nice' part of Geneva. Walked past Prada, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and all those, then the rest of the city was very expensive, posh looking clothing shops, clothes shops that looked like they should be in a normal price range; but were not.
Then there were VERY dodgy looking resturants, and weird shops I have no idea WHAT they were selling!!
To top it off, theres building work everywhere, I have never, ever seen so much reconstruction!! was no where in Geneva without tape, upturned roads, diggers and cranes. Also, from the amount of graffitti ALL over everything, im assuming the youth of Geneva are very,very angry. Most of it was in English too. Wedged in between the anarchy signs were phrases like 'Fuck the Police' 'Are you ready for the revoution?' (That seemed to be a favourite') So and so are Nazi's, 'Theres no freedom' etc etc. It was EVERYWHERE!!!!

I did find a few shops i liked though, those little shops that sell all sorts of kitchen utensils you have no use for, but look amazing!! So I did enjoy walking around those shops, looking at all the bits and peices and trying to think of a reason I should buy them!!!
I also found the shop I had been looking for, Ording&Reda. they sell journals and paper etc. Think of a VERY high market paper chase =) I spent far to much.
I did, however find lots of markets, which I enjoyed very much. Forgot to take many photos, which is annoying, but hey.
I kinda wish I had looked around a little more, and tried to work out the way the streets worked out how they worked (I kept getting back to the same street over and over!!) I also think perhaps if I had been with someone else, I may not have gotten so disheartened so quickly!!
I would like to go back, and see if it can win me over.
So here are my last couple of days in snapshots!!

  My new boots <3

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