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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Susanville to San Fransisco...

San Fransisco was the first stop on the road trip with Laume, and although looking forward to it, I wasnt particularly expecting to like it. I mean, its a city, right?
Well, I loved it. I could even, maybe... imagine living there. Almost ;) It was very beautiful, with lots of shops that could keep me entertained. I was very pleasantly suprised!!!
The adventure Begins..... We went to China Town, which was SO much fun... full of, and I mean absolutley rammed with with people! It was like being IN China. We were the only English people in sight most of the time, all of the shops were full of ''Kawaii Shit'' ;) Haha. But I LOVED it!!!!
The Archway into China Town

 While in ChinaTown, we went into a Tea Tasting shop, Ital TeaLeaf, and sat at the bar for a very long, very enjoyable time tasting and learning about 'real' Tea, with the Tea Guru, who introduced himself as, 'I'm not a Tea Professor, I'm a tea Nazi'. He was hillarious. I could of stayed there all day.
I bought three types of tea. A nice grassy tasting Green tea, a muddy, earthy Black tea, and a Tea Ball called 'Fairy Basket' =D

We finished the day by driving over the Golden Gate bridge. It was really misty and foggy, which made it hard to see, but all the more beautiful!
Then, on the other side of the bridge, we got a beautiful view of the bridge =)

Sorry fir being picture stingy, I will put more up later, maybe. =) All these photos are Laume's, her blog is here -  Visit her blog, she has much more pics!!

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