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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Contest Winner...

I announced the winner of my Spryte competition about a few days ago, and am very excited to get strated bringing Shanti to life! 

I loved doing this competiton, there were so many wonderful Sprytes submitted! I had so much fun reading about them, and all their stories.
Shanti is the spryte who will be brought to life, and I am very excited! Just waiting for my joints to arrive, and then I can get cracking! 

Here is her Story:
Shanti the seaside spryte, lives at the place where the rainforest meets the ocean. Her home is nestled in the branches of a giant Moreton Bay Fig, whose roots twist, turn and reach out like the legs of an octopus. Beautiful rainbow coloured seaglass leadlight windows and twisted pieces of drift wood are the basis of her cosy home.
She is a friendly and adventurous spryte who loves to travel. Fortunately she has the magickal ability to teleport so can quite easily travel to wild and exotic locations... All she needs is a special collection of herbs, an abalone shell, 3 safety pins and one final secret ingredient that I dare not mention, for fear of giving away her secrets...
She particularly likes Indian food, and you will find her late at night in an Indian street market munching on some pakora's and sipping a delicious chai tea... But Shanti is always home just in time to snuggle into her own bed with her husband and baby spryte, in their lovingly created tree house.
She has a strong dislike for any form of nastiness, sand between her toes when she puts on her socks, and yellow lollies or candy (she is the one that leaves all the yellow gummy lollies in the bowls at parties).
Shanti always carries a small bag tied to her belt filled with the herbs, mosses and mushrooms she has collected on her travels throughout the day. She uses these to heal those who come to her for help, and cook delicious and exotic feasts for her family and friends.
Her hair is a wild and fabulous mass of pale blonde dreads and rainbow coloured highlights... Tied amongst these are treasures from her various travels, shells, crystals, and charms from a village shaman.. you never know what you will find in there!
You will always know that Shanti is near by because you can hear her coming! She wears so many anklets and bells that the faint sound of bells ringing can be heard from as far as 11kms away! 

To help me get all inspired, I've been gorging on the following pictures.....

I am also going to be creating 2 more Sprytes... Stay tuned!!! 

The British Faery 

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