The British Faery: The Botanical Gardens, Oxfordshire

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Botanical Gardens, Oxfordshire

Took a trip to the Botanical Gardens. So Inspiring! All the shapes, textures and patterns of nature. I wanted to whizz home and sew up sew rainforest Sprytes. 

Giant Aloe Vera

Look at the pattern on this !

This was my favourite by far. All thos spikes, and such colours and patterns! 

The 4yr old I was with took this, trying to catch the light through the leaves! I think He did  a good job! 

Dragon Claws...

Alien life!?

Heading into the Jungle

Eyes all around us! 

Love how these look like hands, reaching out to grab you....

These trunks grew all over, twisting and looping....

Look like perfect faery cups to me!

Jungle river... I wonder what lurks in the deep...

HUGE Faerie Cups

Loved the colours on this plant

Amazing texture on this treee


Doesn't this look like a pre-historic bird!? I LOVED this one! 

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  1. Love these photos :) They remind me of the botanical gardens I went to in florida :) My favorites are the pitcher plants.
    I still have your little Aphid fairy in my art studio near my plants :) She has such a happy home and brings lots of inspiration to my jewelry.

    I'm doing a little giveaway on my blog! Its easy to enter if your interested...


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