The British Faery: Turumbar & Tiniviuel

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Turumbar & Tiniviuel

Turumbar and Tiniviuel are the Spytling Twins of the Shop Keepers. The Twins help out running the shop, and take deliveries to Sprytes who can't make it to the shop. Well, that is what they are meant to do, but they usually end up having all sorts of mishcief on their way there! Usually thanks to Turumbar, who isn't as interested as making deliveries as Tiniviuel is! She loves keeping Shop, sweeping the floors, taking stock, and chatting to the Sprytes who drop in. They are all very fond of Tiniviel, and often will give her little gifts as she goes round on her deliveries. Turumbar, however, and he will often disappear, or run riot around the shop floor, breaking things as he goes! The only Spryte he pays any attention to is Tiniviuel! 

Turumbar is constantly under his mother's feet, tripping her up and getting in the way! He just loves being around her, as she sings while she works, and we all know there is nothing more sweet than a Mother's song.
 Tiniviuel however, is a helping hand around the shop, being much more mature than Turumbar, she helps sweep, clean and stock the shop when she is not out delivering.

 Turumbar and Tiniviuel, in their matching outfits. The Local Tailor made it for them, with left overs, as a Christmas gift. The twins have worn them everyday since!

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