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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Junk Fantasia

I love Junk shops. They are few and far between nowadays, but when I find one, I feel like I have stumbled into my own personal Narnia, or Fantasia. Today, I think I have honestly found the best Fantasia of Junk out there.
In Lechlade, a quiet, bumbling country village in Oxford. Most of the shops there are Antique Shops, or Charity shops, my kind of place! 

This shop sold doll's miniatures. At the time, I was upset that my Sprytes are too big for Standard Miniatures, but looking back, its probably a god send.... ;)

A few shops down, unbeknownst to me, my Junk Fantasia was awaiting.  
We popped into this little Shop, ducking in to get in the door. It was small, cramped, and had that wonderful musky smell of old books and rust. Rooms led onto one another, every corner filled to toppling with books, statue's, ornaments, vintage toys and furniture. 

To begin with, I wandered, adventured misty eyed from room to room, until I realised I needed to photograph so I could bring it home with me! So this is where the photos start. I probably photographed around 1/3rd of the rooms, and I started about halfway through.

This room was the cutest! Set up with faery/cooking/doll paraphernalia. I am definatley coming here when I (If I ever...) Have my own house.

I had to take a photo of these Gollys for Mandy from Faerie Wishes!

I really wanted these books. =( Especially Bedtime Stories over there on the Left. I love Enid Blyton's faerie stories. I already have a version though, and had also picked up a neat 1920's book of faery poems.

 Some amazing Chess sets!

Doll Furniture <3

I brought this book in the end, it has got lots of techniques for doll making, as well as mini basket weaving, and patterns.

I loved searching through here, all the kooky little items, old broken toys, beautiful statues and books. 

I found some great books too:

Does anyone else know about Kit Williams? I love his work, and this book is about £65! I found it for 50p! The book is one big riddle/clue to find real treasure he buried! It is a Hare brooch, filled with rubies and other gems. I dont know if it was ever found! I also have his other book, which doesnt have a name, its about a beekeeper. Also, full of riddles anf beautiful images. Will have to blog about it soon ;)

Hope you are all well!


  1. please take me there when i come to Oxford

  2. And that was only a third of the rooms!? Wow. Remind me when you're here to take you to particular antique shop I discovered here. It's not a junk shop, it is an antique store, and it's priced as such, but it's still a great store to wander through and if you absolutely positively fell in love with something, her prices aren't completely ridiculous. The owner is lovely. And best of all, as wonderful as the main shop is, she has a "forgotten shop" hidden in the back. Well, it's not completely secret, but when you walk into it, it FEELS that way, I love it ten times as much as I do the front of the shop. You'll see, it has a magical feel to it.

  3. I bought a lunch set there, it was just so lovely, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Collectively for everything I bought, it was a good bit of pocket change, but considering how many pieces there were, and what it would have cost displayed somewhere else, or even new, it was a good deal. Remind me to show it to you too.

  4. What an interesting place,I'm not surprised you were enthralled. Kit Williams work is amazing,so unique. I have a copy of the bee keeper book.....quite magical! Saw a TV programme a couple of years ago about his life and work,he lives and works in a beautiful cottage in the woods.Hopefully they may re-run it at some time.
    Lovely post!


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