The British Faery: Sadie, The Witches Daughter

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sadie, The Witches Daughter

 Sadie is the Daughter of a Witch Spryte, with Magic all around her. Witch-Spryte magic is different to Woodland Spryte Magic, its alive, has a mind of its own once created, and sparks, volts and makes the air tingle with electricity.
It was in this atmosphere that Sadie was born, her eyes glisten purple with magic, and can see much more than we can.
Though Sadie is not a Witch, that does not mean she does not love the air of Witch Magic. She spends all day watching her Witch Mother create spells, sometimes to heal, and sometimes to add Mischief to Humans lives! Sadie has a special job also, and that's to deliver this magic, The Witch Mother hides it in everyday Human objects, and Sadie takes the objects and hides them in the Houses of Humans.
She loves to hide nearby and see what happens!
Growing up with all this magic around her has made Sadie rather naughty. She definitely has the traits of a Dark Spryte, she is secretive and quiet, causing trouble in her own, carefully thought out way.


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