The British Faery: Follow Your Heart

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Follow Your Heart

Taste my Berries, their flavours so sweet,
 I promise you'll never long for another treat,
But if you do, then you will have to stay,
And play with the Fae forever and a day.

The reward is great, for here Spryte's dwell
And if you listen, their secrets I'll tell
Please sit down, take a seat,
There are some friends that I'd like you to meet.

Tilda is thoughtful, quiet and kind,
And she's always got something on her mind.
But alas, for now, we must say goodbye,
Another Spryte has caught my eye....

This is Shayda, Mean and Free,
As Different to Tilda as its possible to be.
And yet they are twins, I promise it's true,
Though they don't much look like twins to you.

And here we have a sweet little thing,
Her name is Dahlia, and she loves to swing!
Up on the treetops, from branches so high,
She loves to see if she can touch the sky!

And my name? Seraphina, the last Spryte to meet,
I may be small, unnoticed at your feet,
But my spirit has no bounds,
And soars with yours in the clouds.

 So come with me, and Follow Your Heart
For that is when the magic will truly start!
And if by chance you loose your way,
Always remember, you'll be back, Someday.

With Love from The Wylde Wood
Visit again soon

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