The British Faery: Camden Town

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Camden Town

I have been quiet for a while here, busy preparing for 3 Wishes Faery Fest meant little time for adventuring, let alone blogging about them...! But, the festival has been and gone, as have my holidays, in which I filled with many adventures.
My friend from Canada arrived early June, and I met her in Victoria Station. We headed to Camden Market, and settled into a Cafe in the Stable Market for tapas and Shisha =)

Then for shopping..!
Too Many Faerie Clothes....I could of blown my entire budget here, and nearly did ;) may have to get my sewing machine out and just force myself to sew my own clothes. I do have a qualification it it, after all, I'm just lazy.....

 I really REALLY want these shoes. I'm trying to justify buying them. I do need new shoes, after all.....

This crazy place called CyberDog... 

 Strolling through the market we saw:

Then for Margarita's at Cafe Chula. So delicious, but expensive! :/

And a few of the last photos that I can't remember where they fit in... ;)
 The following few are from the Brew Dog Brewery, this was on the front of their Drinks Menu. It made me smile, though I'm not entirely sure why!!

And looking at the bizarre shoes at Irregular Choice. Used to LOVE their shoes!

 Gluten free fish and chips. Yumm! =D
 A little friend visited us while having a drink....

I'm not a massive London fan, but Camden was fun, and while I would go back, I'm not sure I could spend an extended period of time there! I need trees! ;) Next we headed to Kensington and Portabello Market, coming up in the next blog...!

~The British Faery

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