The British Faery: Tour around Oxford.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tour around Oxford.

We played around in Oxford for a few days before we headed to 3 Wishes, so I gave Gen a tour of my favourite city =)

It included lots of Cider.

We climbed to the Top of Carfax Tower, very high, and a very narrow staircase! What are you meant to do if you meet someone coming the other way!?

At The top of Carfax Tower....! 

 Gen being a pirate, and wielding a cannon.... ;)

We then went to an exhibition at the Bodlien Library, called 'Magical Books'. It was amazing. We saw handwritten works by CS Lewis, Tolkien, and a whole host of English Fantasy authours. We also saw the original maps of Narnia and Middle Earth, with Tolkien and Lewis's nots scribbled on them. Nearly died with pure joy.

It seemed only fitting, that after seeing so much of their work, that we should have a pint in their favourite pub, The Eagle and Child.

 After that, we had a little more Alcohol. Pimm's this time, being a Canadian, Gen's a newbie to this deliciousness ;). It may have turned into a little pub crawl....

The Next day we went punting, chaperoned by a very capable punting pro. Me and Gen had a go - we weren't so pro.... ! Was fun though! 

Hanging out with the Egyptian Gods at the Ashmolean.

 The following photos are not in order, but are from me and Gen chilling out in the country where I live. Good food, good drinks, and lots of laughs!

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