The British Faery: A month of new beginnings.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A month of new beginnings.

 My life has been turned on its head a little, thanks to the knee injury, and so I am having to re-think all the plans I had made for this year, which I am finding challenging.
I like to think I can go with the flow, and take problems in my stride, but, I've had to realize maybe I'm not so good at it as I thought. It's not that I have a problem with change, its more that I had a plan, and had made lots of decisions in my life based on that choice. Choices I now have had to re-think, and deal with when I thought I had done with them.
It's been a difficult month, but one I have had no choice but to go through, reminding my self that this just means I am faced with a huge array of possibilities, beginnings and adventures that I hadn't had before.
And for that I am grateful.

I spent the beginning of the month in Southampton, walking along the beach, reading in the new forest, and checking out vintage cars after having a  cider in the sun. I then spent a few days at a friends, eating good food, and hand feeding Robins in the garden.
Most days I have spent at home though, writing, and reading book after book, which I have enjoyed, as when else will I get the opportunity to do so!?

I only managed to spend a few days in Southampton, but I enjoyed them to the full. The day we went to the beach was dramatically foggy, which made for beautiful views, and photo opportunities! I am still struggling with my knee a little (But am finally on the waiting list for an op!) so I couldn't really walk for too long.
I was able to take some photos of the fog, though..... 

We also had a cider in Beaulieu, where I spent a few days after my dads wedding. It was nice to pay another visit, it's such a lovely little place!
 I also enjoyed the New Forest for a few hours, where I enjoyed the chatter of birds as I finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!)  
 Saw this little Pagoda at the back of someones garden. I would happily live there! 
 And, to end my stay, we checked out some super cute vintage cars. I think if I do ever end up driving, I will need something absurdly quirky and beautiful, like these....! ;) 

So the next few days I spent at my friends, and while she was putting together a bouquet for a friend, I reveled in the chance to soak up the scents and sights..! The whole florist smelled amazing, I never really have been a 'flowers' kinda girl, but I was won over. I'd love to have fresh flowers in my room.

 And, the best part of April so far. Feeding the Robins in my friends garden. Such an amazing experience! Here is Mummy Robin. Daddy Robin hasn't worked up the courage to come all the way to your hand yet...! Many other birds sat in the trees overhead, nosily watching the events below them, but clearly not ready to try and get in on the action. A male blackbird came very close though, almost at arms distance before he changed his mind and flew back to a safer distance! 
I felt like a real Faery Princess, surrounded by feathered friends...! 

My adventures have been relatively small, but they have all satisfied my soul greatly. After all, isn't that what adventures are for?

Hope you are enjoying adventures of you own, great or small. 

The British Faery

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