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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Day Of Joy

A few weekends ago, my best friend and I set off into Oxford, for a day perusing the Museums and doing some sketching.
I was aware that Oxford's Folk Festival was going on, but being strapped for cash I was also aware I wouldn't be able to afford to partake in all the wonderful things on offer. One thing I could enjoy however, would be the Morris Dancing that would no doubt be going on at Gloucester Green. 
We were not disappointed! The square was full of colours, bright marquees full of handmade crafts and foods turned the market square into a circular space, the middle being filled with the colours and sounds of the Morris Dancers.

We were treated to many different troupes, who seemingly have come from all over the UK to participate. The colours were intensified by the sun which had come out to watch, and it truly made the event all that much more wonderful. The bells on the costumes shone and came alive, light reflecting from them and dancing along the ground.
We stayed for much longer than intended, and it was totally worth it. We wandered around the stalls, trying all the free tasters, cider, cherry liquor, Chartreuse, a new invented confectionery that was a mix between fudge, and truffle, called Fuffle. It was delicious. I bought a bar that was whiskey flavoured...  I also tried on a few new hats and headbands, of course! How could I resist!? 

 I loved all the feathers and ribbons and incredible hats. It was like being in a faery court! I really want a straw hat with flowers on the brim. Think I am going to have to acquire one of those! 
Everyone had smiles on their faces, grins from ear to ear. The live music the sunshine and the joy created by the dancers made this day one of the best I have had in a long time, reminding me you don't need to go to the otherside of the world to have an adventure. Magic and escapism can be found on your doorstep.

We finally dragged ourselves away and headed to the Ashmolean, only to find they were being treated to Morris Dancers too. Joy! The younger lad in the white dance troupe had the biggest grin on his face the entire time, through every single dance. It was magical and so wonderful to see! He looked like he was having the best time of his life. It made watching the dance all the more enjoyable.

I had such a wonderful day, and it was so needed. A reminder that my plans may have changed, but that doesn't mean its lost any of its adventure or chance for joy. That happiness can be hidden in the most unexpected places, and sometimes you have to go out and find it. 
Spending a day in the sunshine with someone who makes you happy is sometimes all you need. 
The little things do make all the difference.

Go and find your happiness,
The British Faery

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