The British Faery: Molly the Impatient

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Molly the Impatient

Molly is the first Ruckie to come to life; racing ahead - excitedly! She has a spirit that is full of adventure, as soon as she came to life she was up and looking out of the window!
She cannot wait to get out there, to grab life by the reins and see what comes her way.
She has a wild mane of fiery ginger tangles, that make her green eyes come alive.

'So that's where I am going? Out there?'
'Well, a little further than that' I kindly laugh.
'Oh! Further than the garden!?' Her eyes go wide, and a smile lights up her face.

 She sits, wriggling her toes, excited at the prospect of going so far. All the adventures she will have!

'Can I go now!? Pleease!?'
'No, not yet, shall we have a cup of tea instead?'
'Hmmm, ok. I like tea'
'I'll tell you all about the outside whilst it brews'

So, Molly sits and sips her tea, whilst I tell her all about the birds, the animals that snuffle around late at night, the way the light comes though the leaves in the mornings.

I tell her about her new home, with Lindsey, and a baby, who are excited to meet her.
'I'll be her best friend!' She tells me, eyes sparkling. 'I'll keep her safe, when she's little, and tell her all about my adventures, then, I can take her with me, oh! It will be SO much fun!'

She can't sit much longer - 'Please let's go! I can get down the stairs all by myself, see!'
That she can! I'm glad I made her little lace bloomers,  I don't think she'd of liked a dress, tripping her up!
Whilst I didn't let her out in the garden just yet, or off to her new home,  I set her up so she could watch the night time animals from the window, and she sits and impatiently waits for her friends to be dressed, and able to play, and further, to be off, to her new home.

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