The British Faery: Little Luna Dog!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Little Luna Dog!

At the beginning of March, we welcomed Luna to our home, a new member of our little family. We had watched her slowly grow big enough to come home with us since she was 3 weeks old, just a tiny little thing that snuggled into our chests.

We visited at 7 weeks, to choose one of those little pups to take home, and had the choice between two females, the first, in a green collar was placed into my arms and leapt up, paws on my shoulders face pushing into mine. She wiggled around, and I passed her to my partners daughter, as a second pup, with a yellow collar, was placed into my arms. She was smaller, and had more puppy fat still. She didn't jump up, but layed her head on my chest and stared at me. Something inside of me immediately knew: This was the one. She nuzzled up and gave me a little kiss.
I didn't want to force my choice on everyone else, or sway their opinion before they had a chance to form one, so I kept my intuition to myself, and watched two pups be fussed over.
A lively, silly racing and chasing pup, knocking into the furniture and jumping at us, making the girls laugh, and the other, following behind, tail wagging happily at all the fuss, coming over for affection. Whilst The green collared pup entertained the children to no end, they also seemed to be drawn to the little one in yellow. They picked her up, kissed her. Stephen also seemed to have made a silent choice, holing her in her arms and smiling at her, knowingly. We looked at each other and knew she was the one.
There was just something about her face - her eyes. They way she seemed so at ease with us.

At 9 weeks, she was ready to leave her Mother, and after a few final kisses between them, she curled up on my lap and we began the journey home. 
She decided to sleep almost on the gear stick, seemingly comfortable enough to spent the entire journey there! 

Once home, she spent a long time adjusting. She hadn't ever really spent any time in a house, was away from all her siblings, her mother, her smells. She wanted to be as close to her new humans as physically possible, and we spent two days cuddling.

Her feeling a little lost on her first day...

And forming bonds on her second :) 

Now, she is very happy here with us, a naughty, mischievous little thing that fills my day with laughter and exasperation. Why does she keep eating flowers and dirt!

She loves her crate bed, and it is her 'safe' place.
Here are a collection of fun and silly photos! 

Till next time,
The British Faery x 


  1. How cute! I wrote about our pug passing recently but we also have a black lab mix that I love. He's almost two now. They are amazing companions.

    1. It's Kena from The Domestic Pagan, btw. Blogger is being difficult this afternoon. 🙂

    2. She's allot bigger now, wow - how small she was! Yes, she is a very good friend for me! I'm sorry to hear about your pug <3


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