The British Faery: Lake Almanor,Gingatic Ants and A pine-cone Man

Monday, 20 July 2009

Lake Almanor,Gingatic Ants and A pine-cone Man

Were the highlights of my day today!! I went to Lake Almanor, which was so beautiful, took lots of pictures, and lots of stones,bark and moss :)
We found a thrift store, which was having a sale, all clothes were a dollar!! So i brought a couple of things, of course :)
We also found a pine cone, which we personified, and left on a log for whoever may stumble upon it, to brighten their day. :)
Although, the HUGE ants saw him as a fantastic climbing frame, ans he was covered in them by the time we left.
Lake Almanor is beautiful, warm and ever so scenic, on a cooler day it would be a fantastic spot for picnic.
We also wandered up a little stream, which was very cold, but enjoyable. :) We had lots of fun searching for sticks,stones and being very Fae-like.
The KnotBumper

Laume took me to this fantastic restaurant in a little logging town called Chester, the restaurant has a cart in the rafters, and painted walls it was beautiful :)
There was this little (well, it was not so little) Earth shop, full of organic recycled things, from homeware to clothing, banners, jewellery, everything, I had lots of fun!

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