The British Faery: Bowling, Swimming and a Volcano

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bowling, Swimming and a Volcano

Been very busy these last few days! Sorry about no posts, the Internet is touchy :)
Been having a great time, we went bowling the other day, (I lost obviously!!!) And then went swimming in the river, which I LOVED.
This is Joli getting ready with me, trying on all my jewellery, putting on make-up and listening to 'The Bear Song!!' on my headphones :)
Here is me and Lisa, waiting for the boys to arrive....And here is Jeff, being... well, Jeff.

The Next Day....
The next day, before heading to the mountain, we went a a cave, created by hot Lava flows, it was amaxing! but very,very dark!
Joli says she saw a witch, whom i seemed to have missed!

After that, we climbed the volcano, which was SO much fun, I saw bubbling pools and sulphur vents, the water was the most beautiful shade of blue, I will try to get some photos up!

Yesterday we headed to chester for an Arts show, but we had mis-read the sign, and the show was next week, so we just shopped instead :) I got the most beautiful hair clip, and saw some amazing leather bound books, but they were just a tad to expensive. :( Hopefully there will be some at faerie worlds, they were green with trees on....This was an amazing lamp In a home show, thing. Reminded me of Mandy's Lamp.
I also got an amazing necklace, carved bone with dragonflies and leaves.
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