The British Faery: Faery homes and falling stars....

Monday, 27 July 2009

Faery homes and falling stars....

Yesterday we drove up to Redding to see Laume's son Sam, and his girlfriend Ashleigh. They live in the hottest part of California, and me and Laume drove to the Botanical Gardens, which were amazing. They had a fantastic children's garden, with a mosaic fountain, sculptures, It was beautiful.

But the bet of all were the huge, woven houses. They were breathtaking. Perfect for Faeries.

To get to the botanical gardens you cross a huge glass suspension bridge, held up by 5 ropes or so, and it forms a gigantic sundial. It was beautiful, even more so when we returned in the evening, and the bridge is lit up from underneath.
Me, Lisa and Laume found ourselves distracted though, by the number of gigantic spiders colonising everywhere. (And I of course went to pick one up, to the shock of everyone else, as I didn't know that spiders can be highly poisonous over here!)

On the way home we stopped on the freeway, away from all the light pollution and looked at the stars. I have never seen anything so amazing in all my life. It was breathtaking, you can see the milkyway over here, and from where we were, we could see the big dippper, the northen Star, and Saturn. We also saw two falling stars, the perfect end to the day.

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  1. Pretty good synopsis but just for the record, we didn't stop on the freeway. LOL (the Americans are laughing now) It was a mountain highway. Totally different creature.


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