The British Faery: FaerieWorlds 2009...

Monday, 3 August 2009

FaerieWorlds 2009...

On the way to FaerieWorlds, we stopped at burney falls it was breathtaking...

I guess all good things must come to an end, even the Faery Realm. I had the best weekend ever, even with my unknown spider bite driving me nuts!!!
I have the best Faery Family, And I will miss them all so much till next year. Even more so, i will miss Laume, Jeff, Lisa and Joli and all of there family, so, so much. I cannot describe how i love them so!! I feel like im leaving another family behind.
I also got to meet Noel, and her wonderful, wonderful children, Josuha, Garret,Anatsasia and Little Benjamin. I had so much fun with them on sunday!!
The new venue was briliant, and worked so well, onsite camping made the event all the more surreal. We didnt leave the realm at all! Going to bed way to late, to get up early and dress up!!! Though, it was so hot alot of costumes lost extras, as i was slowly cooking in them!! Haha,
The bets bands that played would have to be Beats Antique and Delhi To Dublin. They were AMAZING. I SOSOSo hope they make it to FW next year!

Listening to Hawk's story about Nun worshiping Penguins...

Anastasia in the dress I made her...

The Main Stage

Lisa In her Bad Faerie Outfit

Jeff Being attacked by a very cheeky puppet!!

Playing storyTeller, and blinding people with the flash.... :)

Ill put more up soon... very tired right now, and i dont have many photos ( I was having far to much fun!!) So i will steal some soon xx

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