The British Faery: The Fair, Shelves and Mosaic. =)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Fair, Shelves and Mosaic. =)

Not too much of a busy week, but a busy weekend of getting shelves up, moving the room around, and mosaic-ing in the garden. =)
The fair. Took the kiddies (All 12 of them!) Onto the bus to go to the fair. Luckily it was really quiet, and they were behaving, otherwise I'm sure it could of been allot more stressful! We got discount on the rides, so all the kids managed to get 2 rides each, so that was nice, and they all got a balloon too. =) Happy four year olds!

And I popped in again on the way home for candyfloss =)


Rudi was over last night, spent the evening drinking wine and eating chocolate, and of course, watching Natalie over on Community Channel. =)

And today we spent playing in the garden. <3 style="text-align: center;">being quizzed by the chickens.....

Re-arranging the Gnomes....

And doing some mosaic. We did lots more, but the pics have vanished. Sigh. Get some tommorow. Promise!

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