Friday, 18 September 2009

What care I for human hearts? Soft and spiritless as porridge! A fairy's heart beats fierce and free!

Not going to have a very productive, adventurous weekend this weekend, as not only am I battling an annoying as hell cough, I couldnt document my adventures even if I DID have any, as i have misplaced my camera. =(
So, I thought I would tell you about a few friends of mine.... First of all.... Honeythorn Gump.
Oh how i love him and his short tempered, riddling disposition.

Then, of course, there is Oona, with her also rather short temper, and dont be fooled by that sweet face! She's a feisty fae with a good piece of advise I live by =)

Gumps band of Faeries =) Loyal and witty. What more could you need?
Then of course, there is Jack. A child of the Forest. Do I need to say anymore?
I think not.

This is The Dark Lord. Ive put him in, as he made Dark Lily, who iin my opinion, is much cooler than normal Lily. She was a little whiny for me. But after a luch with the Dark Lord, who wouldnt be happy to kill a Unicorn and drink blood in eternal darkness?
Killer Dress <3

So, while my adventures might not be as extreme as Jack and crew's, I will be back to having adventures next week.

Love, Faery Victoria

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  1. Legend (not the director's version) was my absolute favorite fantasy! Why it got terrible reviews I will never understand. Thanks for the your blog.


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