The British Faery: Lost Boy... Or Girl.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lost Boy... Or Girl.

Today I got around to do some sewing! Yay =) Not allot though, and nothing to yell about, either....
I did, however, get some pics of my lost boy outfit =D And, when I eventually make some purrdy clothes, I will be doing a Faery photo shoot, Fun!
A faery festival in Cornwall is coming up, and I think I am going to go. =D I just need to make sure it doesn't turn into something I *Intend* to do but never actually do!!!
One thing I am definatley doing is going to FaerieCon in november, http://www.faeriecon.con which im really,really excited about!! =DTommorow is bootsaling and maybe seeing fame at the cinema =) not as fun as playing around in a lost boys outfit.... --For more pics and ramblings about the outfit

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