The British Faery: Ultimate (And my future...) Bamboo house,,,

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ultimate (And my future...) Bamboo house,,,

While happily stumbling through the internet, I came upon what could be the most beautiful, marvelous and awe-inspiring bamboo house ever.
Just look at its wonderful wavy, hidden nooks and stowaway goodness.

It is a 6 star hotel resort Soneva Kiri on the island Koh Kood, in the Gulf of Thailand.
The website says "At this unique site, 24H-architecture designed a series of ecological icons to contribute to Six Senses’ high ambitions in design and ecology. Most prominent is The Children Activity and Learning Centre, which will provide visiting children a wide range of entertaining activities as well as raise the level of ecological awareness with them. This Den provides an Auditorium/Cinema for films, lectures and plays, a library with books on permaculture and local traditions, an Art room, a Music room and Fashion room, thus giving children both creative and ecological education while playing."

The Den(as the tree house is called) is built on a rocky slope close to the sea. Its a bamboo dome, built elevated from the ground, to give magnificent views =). The structure and roof are made from local Thai bamboo, thus contributing further to the ecological approach of the resort. The interior is made from local plantation River Red Gum wood and rattan structural elements for the inner domes.

A mesh resting area!! How insanely perfect is that!!!

The design adopts all bioclimatic aspects to suits its humid tropical environment. The roof cantilevers up to 8m acting like a big umbrella providing shade and protection from the heavy rains. The open design with the translucent elevated rooftop and setback floors allow a natural airflow inside and the use of natural daylight, limiting the building’s energy consumption.

Perfect, isnt it!?

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  1. It's like a modern version of the branch house we saw in the botanical garden!

  2. I love you! Maybe we can build one together.

  3. I'd love too! =) Thanks for the comment!

  4. Wow!!...Its extremely amazingly creative!.... Been researching bamboo homes for a while nd this is the best!.. il be trying to build my home out of bamboo.. :p Peace x


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