The British Faery: Hiking

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Got to go hiking in the mountains today, left later than I probably should have, so my adventure wasnt as long as I would have liked, but I still enjoyed it immensly.

I got to the train station half an hour early, and rather than just go to a coffee shop and wait, as I was paranoid I'd read the timetable wrong (The time-tables are hard enough to read as it is, let alone on weekends when they dont like to tell you what times are weekdays and which are weekends), and that something would go wrong and I would be late, I sat in the freezing cold tunnel for half an hour.

So, there I am, sat in this weird tunnel, two derelict looking trains either side of me, wondering if this is still an actual running station, as it sure didnt look like one!! When I realised I might need a ticket.
Oh thats right, of course the weird, ticket machine wont work, and those new looking ones are completley out of order. So how am I meant to get on the damn train?? I deiced it would be best to hover by the ticket machine, and see if any one else can get it to work, so (not looking dodgey at all, of course) I stand over people as they buy their tickets. It seems you cant select the english language option AND buy tickets. You have to do it in French. So I blunder about, hoping im buying a return ticket to the right place, and finaly get to the part where I have to pay. You can only use up to a 20.00chf note. I have a 50. Ialso have 10 minutes till the train.
I manage it. And now im in St Cergue! (Or somewhere to that effect!)
Found the awesomest shop, It was basicly a carboot sale with a till. Woo!

And the Moutains. Wow. I loved them SO much. Even if I got weird looks from all the ither hikers who are all cool looking with their hiking shoes and clothes and sticks and backpacks, and im in my big coat with unsuitable ( but beautiful leather boots) and my bag. haha. oh well.

I got to see the sun set over the Alps!  It was such an incredible sight, and I nearly didnt see it, I came to a crosspath, one way went back down to the bottom, the other went up a VERY steep hill, with a sign saying something in French. It was getting dark and I was goinf to head back, when I just thought I would take a little peep. It flattened out and gave you an incredible panoramic view.
I wanted to stay much longer, but it was a bloody good job I didnt, as it was REALLY dark as I walked back, I never knew that the lovely sounds a forest make take on a very diferent persona when you cant see!!!
Well, Ive blathered on allot, havent I?



  1. Sounds like quite the adventure. I'd be afraid to walk through the woods in the dark! But we have mountain lions, maybe there are no big cats in Europe? Did you buy anything at the little boot sale shop? I think your big coat looks cute, from what I can see of the hood, although you look slightly evil in the photo - mwahahaha. And gorgeous boots are always a plus. I want to get myself some proper faery boots.

  2. Im not sure if there are big cats!! =/ I dont think so.. but i guess I should check!! haha.
    Yes, i bought a cute scarf. OH. Just realised I hung it outside to air it, (It had that musty smell) and Its been raining for about 9 hours =(
    And a present for my grandad =)
    Yeah Ido love my coat, though it needs a bit of fixing up right now!
    The boots are the ones I bought here, they are so beautiful. Theyre leather lace ups. <3


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