The British Faery: A more detailed post =)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A more detailed post =)

So I thought I should probably write a little more than I touched on yesterday! I was tired and just wanted to get the photos up =)
Hope you liked them!
So I am enjoying Swtizerland very much, the area is incredibly beautifull, mountians on both sides, the lake geneva close by. The air is crisp and refreshing, I nice cold, rather than the wet, damp, seeping cold in the UK, Though it has started to rain in the last few days!!
The nearest town, Nyon, is quite nice, the more you look around, the more of the little, hidden shops you find.
Found this INCREDIBLE one called Catambo, (I think) its full of hand-made furniture, decor, gifts, pretty much everything. I really wanted to buy a little something from there, but most of their things are large and/or very expensive. Ho Hum. So I ended up buying two cards and two beads. Cost? 11.00 chf.
SO this weekend, Im planning on going into Genava, and having a wander around the main town, and then in the sunday, going up into the mountain for a hike. Apparently, they do tour/hikes around the mountains that show you all the pubs and resuraunts. So might try and get on that one.
Hmmm, what else....
Nothing springs to mind.

So till next time!!!


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