The British Faery: Redwood Forests, and the Beach!! ((Very Late post))

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Redwood Forests, and the Beach!! ((Very Late post))

I know this is a very late post, about 3 days or so!!! But, I knew it would take a good few hours, and I wanted to have the time to do it properly. So, The last day of our road trip took us the Trinidad beach in the morning, the redwoods, and back to the beach later that day!!
When we first got to the beach, a gentleman told us that the tide was the highest we would ever see it.

 So we walked down, and there literally was, no beach. I had fun anyway though =)
We decided to go to the Redwoods, as there was not really alot to do at the beach!

I LOVED the Redwoods. More than I can say, or explain. There were hundreds of worlds within worlds, wherever you look. From the tiny mushroom villages, to the towering city of trees. It was mesmerizing. It reminded me of the fact that I am just one part of a big, beautiful world. <3

We went back to the beach, to find a really low tide, which was such good fun. Rock pools, creatures, shells, stones, and big exposed rocks to climb upon.

Then we drove home the next day, and stopped at a creek, where Laume collected photographs and stones, and I sat and read.

We also went to lost coast brewery, where I got to sample all the beers. Yummmmm.

Till Next Time!!!

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