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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Around, Around...

Had a busy few weeks traveling here and there, staying with various friends, and meeting new ones =)
Had lots of fun at the NeverWorlds Masquerade, It was Fae Vs Pirates, I thought I'd Pirate it up for a change =)
We spent the day before doing a little shopping in Ashland and Eugene, and we also went to Lithia Park.

Then Hawk and I set off on some travels =) I have a terrible memory for time and dates, so I cannot remember where we went in any order, but hey....
We drove up to Portland and stayed with a friend there for two nights, visited Powells, <3 and also drove a very long way to see a very strange fake stonehenge....!
The Mima Mounds.....

In Olypia.. A very impressive Super Hero Mural

Magical Olympian Water, In a magical setting, Don't you think!?

A real Troll bridge! <3

The Seattle Science Centre

Playing With Butteflies in Seattle!

Orca's Island... A very steep walk.....!!!

Sorry the post is so short on vocab, It has taken rather longer than I thought to go through and chose photos... Maybe I will come back later and add some text, but you know, I probably wont.... ;)

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