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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So, this is quite a self-centred post, just letting you know in advance...

I had just been thinking how much people change, both inwardly and externally, during the course of their lives, and even how the external changes, cause (or are caused by) those internal changes.
Which made me wonder about how often I change my own external appearance, and whether these changes caused, or were caused by developments in my personality and lifestyle.
Personally, changing my appearance has had a definite impact on my personality,  I feel very different now, to how I did when I had long, blonde hair, and to when I had hair a different colour each week.
I also get treated differently, not better nor worse, but without a doubt, differently.
Does the way you appear really have that much affect on you life though?
What do you feel?/Think?
Here are a few few photographs documenting various changes in my appearance, from different stages and periods in my life.
 I'm annoyed I can't find and decent pics of my dreads, and of the mohawk, so maybe I will have to add those when I'm home...

(This is a wig, but I have twice had pink hair - In this shade. Once long like this, and short)

Again, these above two are wigs. But, i have added them as I was taken with how much they changed my appearance!)

Each photo reminds me of a very particular point of my life, and I am glad my life (So far) has been full of such a variety in styles and hair colour.

Who knows what the future holds.

British Faery


  1. The picture of you at the festival really suits you :)

  2. Thanks =) I really miss my dreads!


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