The British Faery: Natasha Khan

Friday, 25 February 2011

Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is the lead singer of Bat For Lashes. (The other band members:Ginger Lee, Abi Fry and Lizzy Carey)
Their music is etheral, enchanting and captivating. 
I love the mix of heavy, beaty music, with Natasha's etheral voice.
They also use my favourite elements in their music-making. Drums, clapping, chanting. 

Their music sounds like pure, ancient magic. She sings of dark beauty, hidden, secret thoughts and our innermost fears and wishes, all intwined with their own unique way of creating melodies and beats.
There is no-one quite like Bat For Lashes.
 My 'Favourites' would have to be 'Sarah', 'Prescilla' and 'What's a girl to do'...


And Isn't she so beautiful...?

To live life outside of the whirl
To break the cross that bears her name
She's not your queen anymore, queen of the highway
Needs something better than running away

 *What's a girl to do'
We walked arm in arm
But I didn't feel his touch
The desire I'd first tried to hide
That tingling inside was gone

And when he asked me
“Do you still love me”
I had to look away
I didn't want to tell him
That my heart grows colder with each day

When you've loved so long
That the thrill is gone
And your kisses at night
Are replaced with tears

And when your dreams are on
A train to train-wreck town
Then I ask you now
What's a girl to do

He said he'd take me away
That we'd work things out
And I didn't want to tell him
But it was then I had to say

Over the times we've shared
It's all blackened out
And my bat lightning heart
Wants to fly away

What's a girl to do
Doing the mess around
Push me down into the ground
Taste the hands that drink my body

Fight me in the dark
Wrestle your bones over mine
Into our moonless march come the wizard
Come, the wizard comes
The wizard comes
Wants to feel you shake and shooting
He will be our leader
Wants to feel you shake and shooting
He will be our leader
Trembling midnight lands
I travel with the wizard
Drink his blood and he's our leader

Breath songs in my head
Slow arrow flies &'burning
And the trouble we possess
While the sunshine goes on sleeping
The sunshine
Wants to feel you shake and shooting
He will be our leader
*Seal Jubilee*
 Teachers and travellers made their mark
They dined and feasted on whale and shark
And so the ocean lost its depths
And boredom rained as the ocean wept

Birds they raised their young for dead
And ladies used feathery pillows for bed
And black snow came and black snow stayed
And froze the ocean out of love
Out of love
Adopting Sarah's heart
Was never gonna be easy
With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt
And the dirty blonde sea-water
Sea-water gushing down
Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin

*Travelling woman*
Hang on travelling woman
Don't sacrifice your plan
'Cause it will come back to you
Before you lose it on the man

Never fall in love with potential
‘Cause you can see with your own eyes
All the pretty faces and sorry words
Can take away your pride
Got to listen
To the vision
Some may say a dream
Words for the unseen

Or it can make you tired, tell you lies and make you fall

Who next...? I'd Say... Marina And the Diamonds....

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