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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Woodland Sprites

 Recently, I have started to make dolls. Little, (12 inches or so) Fae like creatures. 

They are not human-like, nor are they animal looking. (Though some do sport tails...)
I decided they must be little woodland sprites (Sprytes?).
So far I have made 6, the first two were for a brother and sister I looked after at nursery as a goodbye gift.
I then found myself sewing more, though I had no reason too. They just kept popping into my mind and wouldn't go away until I had made them.
They all turn out very different, yet obviously akin.
So yes, I now have 3 sat on my shelf. ( I made one for my very best bestie for her birthday)
Before I make any more, find no more friends who will adopt them and then ultimatley drown in them, I thought I would see what you guys think of them...
I only have pictures of two, but I am home in a few days and photograph the rest of the crew. 


 This girl doesn't have a name yet, goes by Pigmailion, (Thank-you Laume) and she seems to be the most reserved. I can't figure out much about her...

This is Grethel, and She now lives with Rudi, from Eat Your Heart Out.

Anyways, I just thought I would share these guys (Girls) With you!!

Your British Faery


  1. Oh I LOVE my sprite! She sits at my craft table and watches me sew!! She is beautiful and so well made!! Miss you bestieeeee! Can't wait to see you!!! xxxxx

  2. I love them they are beautiful!

  3. Hi Victoria,

    I fell in love with a woodland spirit. Now, I can't find her. Following is a poem I wrote about her

    Playful spirit behind an oak
    laughed and flirted but never spoke.
    Eyes of onyx, raven hair,
    I marveled at her standing there.

    Brilliant sunshine -- could barely see.
    Had my eyes played tricks on me?
    I stood in reverence and awe
    not sure of what I thought I saw.

    Fluttering soft, the poplar leaves
    perhaps, had caused me to believe
    I'd seen someone who wasn't there --
    eyes of onyx, raven hair.

    The nimble spirit deftly danced
    from tree to tree and lightly pranced.
    I didn't know quite what to do
    about this vision in my view.

    I had no knowledge of such things.
    What does one do when nature brings
    such beauty, grace and winsome mold
    who, I could see but could not hold?

    I could have watched her all day long
    her movements were just like a song.
    She beckoned me with backward glance
    down flowered pathway of romance.

    I had no choice, I was entranced;
    induced to follow where she danced.
    The woods had changed, were foreign now,
    colors brighter, surreal somehow.

    I saw some spirits on the way.
    They went about their normal day.
    They took no notice of my form
    contrary to their spirit norm.

    They were at home among the trees;
    conversely, I felt ill at ease.
    Abandoned, then just like a snare --
    eyes of onyx, raven hair.

    She drew me close and hugged me tight;
    we kissed, caressed throughout the night.
    Not a wisp of evanescence,
    but a real woman's presence.

    Woodsmoke, sweet-grass, musk and cedar --
    I took her hand, she let me lead her.
    Beneath the boughs we made our bed
    while stars shone brightly overhead.


    1. That was beautiful, Dennis. Thankyou for sharing it with us!!


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