The British Faery: Pandora

Monday, 28 March 2011



Please Welcome my newest Woodland Spryte! 

Pandora is a recluse, living high up in the trees.
She is hard, sometimes mean, and always determined.
Pandora is a born hunter gatherer, so she needs only her own wit to get by. For things she cannot get herself, she trades the extra fur and food she gathers.
For example, her most prized possesion, her cloak, was a trade with a skilled Spryte in need of fur.

She has a leather dress, leg shields, (That can be also worn on her arms!) And a little green leather pouch. 
All of her accessories are removable...!
Pandora has handpainted detailing...
Pandora is the most detailed doll I have done so far, I hope you like her!! 


  1. She is beautiful! I love her clothes and her tattoo. I love how you photograph your Sprytes in their environments :)

  2. that tat rocks!! these keep getting better!

  3. Wow...I love Pandora..she is amazing as are you for creating here. I still don't see where you sell your beautiful creations, or do you? Would love to know..

  4. I just have to say that I have adopted Pandora and can't wait to have her in her new home. I feel so connected to her already, Artemis is the Goddess I feel closely connected to, and I can see similar traits in Pandora. Thank you so much again!!


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