The British Faery: A new Spryte...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A new Spryte...

And let me introduce Elsebeth...

Elsebeth is a quiet, shy and reserved Woodland Spryte.
She can always be found whispering with the Daisies, the Daffodils or the DandyLions!! 
She prefers the peaceful company of the flowers to the noisy hubbub of the other, cheeky Sprytes...
When she is not chattering to the flowers, she lies on the large Rhubarb leaves, dreaming the day away....
I wonder what she dreams of?


  1. the pics yer taking with the sprytes are awesome!!

  2. I received Hemiptera the Aphid Keeper in the mail the other day! She is perfect. She is enjoying her new life on my shelf next to my little Jade tree among all my other treasures.

  3. I am in love with Elsebeth.....can I get info on how I can adopt her? <3

  4. She is available on my Etsy !! =)


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