The British Faery: New Sprytes!

Friday, 22 April 2011

New Sprytes!

Let me first introduce Edelweiss!!

Edelweiss is a playful little Spryte, who loves to laugh and chatter with all the other Sprytes. She is always dressed beautifully, and rather enjoys collecting flowers for her hair, and shells and stones to make jewellery with! 
You can always find Edelweiss in the middle of a crowd, plaiting someone's hair, or indeed having her own done!!


Kruhks is wilder than most Woodland Sprytes, he lives alone, away from the Clans and Tribes, although he can be found watching them, intrigued. 
Dispite his appearance hinting otherwise, Kruhks is quiet and shy, yet very compassionate, and incredibly wise! 


Meekoh is an inquisitive little Spryte, who is always getting into trouble, because he just can't resist doing what he shouldn't!!
No matter how many times the other Sprytes warn him not to touch,open.jump,or play with something, Meekoh will always do the opposite.... He especially loves seeing how much honey he can steal before he gets stung!! (Which is usually not a lot!)


  1. these just keep getting better!!

  2. Hawk took the words right out of my mouth, they just keep getting more amazing every time! Edelweiss is my favorite of all of them yet! She's YOU! Or at least, reminiscent of you. Maybe she's a little more extroverted. But so giggly and cute.

  3. Ooooo, Edelweiss is beautiful!


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