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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Faerie Worlds 2011
So Faerie Worlds has been and gone again already, it whizzed by in a magical glittery rainbow of delight. It went by so fast infact, it was over before I realised I hadn't taken any photos.....
So here are some from Laume (Beach Treasure) Whisper Fae, and Kesha! Thankyou!

To begin with, lets have a look at the Tea Parties!

 The wonderrful Tea Parties were hosted by my favourite Fae King and Queen, Laume and Jeff <3

So set your self down at our Moss grown table, with Toadstool seating, handpainted tea set, and a variety of  fae characters <3

A Faery Guest

A Lost Boy Guest, trying out the tea!

Discussion over the Cupcakes!

Toad wants to Tea Too! 

Silly Faery Queen!

All Gather For Tea!

The beautiful Headdress of the Faery Queen

The Invitations

The colorful and giant crowd, constantly seen at NeverWorlds!

Make a Wish at the Dream Tree!

Quiet Time for the British Faery

My Faery Family <3

Who loves stories! I Do!

My Faery Mother <3 Love you, Laume <3

A rare moment of quiet for Miss Joli Faery!

Jeff taking a break at the Standing Stones! 

Faery's playing win the sunshine

Silly Markus and I!

The Vardo, In NeverWorlds!

Thanks to LaumeWhisperFae and Kesha  for all the wonderful photo's! And to Hawk for creating the magic of Never Worlds =) 

- The British Faery


  1. Wow, this looks amazing! My little 'un is a tad too little for this sort of thing at the moment, but it's right up my street! Is this something exclusive to you and your family or is it an event that others can join in at?

  2. Its a big festival up in Oregon, Its really family friendly, how old are they? -- Heres the link to the website, and all the details!
    There having one in sept now too =)

  3. Thanks! Little 'un is just 6 months old. Perhaps next year as I'll have finished college by then and be hankering after something fun to do. :-)

  4. I'm sure he will find more than he could wish for at FaerieWorlds! Hope to see you there!!! =D


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