The British Faery: Benicassim 2011

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Benicassim 2011

Sorry for the absence bloggers! Ive been sunning myself in Spain, listening to music, dancing, and laughing with friends.....

The second day brought more beach 

We spent all day chilling out on the beach, swimming in the sea, and climbing on the rocks. This turned out to not be such a good idea, and I spent the rest of the festival with my feet bandaged....

When the evening began to draw in, we started to paint our faces.... Oh the swirls and glitter! 

Our First night started with Paolo.... <3
And Finished with Pendulum!! There set was INCREDIBLE. 
 The Second day bought more lazing at the beach! 

And Glitter, Of course....
The evening brought us Friendly Fires. I had never really listened to them much, other than a few of there well known songs. But I am definitely a fan now. They were brilliant!! And it helps that Ed dances like a genius too..... =)
 Mojito's on the Beach. Seriously what more to life is there?

And the reason I went,,,, Mumford & Sons. They were so brilliantly beautiful I nearly cried with pure JOY.

And the Arctic Monkeys!! They were brilliant too, we danced so hard!

The Last Night..... =(
So the last night bought us Noah and The Whale, we sang so loud to the two songs we knew!! And grinned like fools as we danced and sang to Life Goes On!!!!

We finished our Benicassim Adventure with Arcade Fire, who were just, incredible. I have not stopped listening to them since I got home....!!!

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