The British Faery: From Here To There.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

From Here To There.

Yes, More walking alongside the Canal. This time it was a long, long walk all the way into Oxford. A good 3 hour hike! 
 I took my camera this time, too. 

How amazing are all these boats? We were very lucky during this stroll to see such a neat collection! Though of course, we did see some really battered and bruised ones too.... =(
I cannot decide which one is my fave....! I quite like Grot Blossom and Gremlin's Castle <3

Then time for a very berry picnic! 

The British Faery


  1. That looks like a wonderful walking location! And those boats are awesome. I liked the Beltane one, but can't make out the second word. :)

  2. Yes, it was an amazing walk! I cannot wait to go again. I think it say cropredy, but I'm not sure what that means......


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