The British Faery: Ireland!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Lucky, Lucky, Me has been in Ireland for just over a week! 
Was like heaven on earth...
Stories, friends, wine, sea, cliffs, rocks, shells, seaglass, roaring fire places, I could go on and on.... .
So instead I'll get on with the visual goodness!

Blarney Castle Gardens!

  The remains of Blarney Castle - I kissed the Stone!
An awesome girl I met at the Hostel! Went to a beer festival, and danced the night away!

 The view from the BnB I stayed in the night before my Birthday <3

The Flora on Cape Clear!

Sunset!!! BIRTHDAY sunset no less!

Prancing around on the cliff edge!

faerie feat on cliffside? I think so!

Mmmmmm. THEE best blackberries I have EVER eaten. Swear down.
Jelly Fish Jelly Fish!

Story and Song time!

Simone & Blackberry. The original kind! Another amazing person I found on my travels =)

Yay for cliff Craic! Laughing in the rain, on a rock, at sea, getting covered in sea spray, trying to drink wine! 

Two brilliant Canadians I got to share my time on cape clear with! So glad I met these two!

The British Faery


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Looks like you got some sunshine!! We were not so lucky with our time in Ireland but it was nice for the last few days we were there!! I miss it already and want to go "home"... Next time maybe we can coordinate and hang out!!!

  2. That would be so great! Yes, it was wonderfully sunny, I even got a little bit sun sick!! crazy!!!


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