The British Faery: The Sprytes Giveaway competition!

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Sprytes Giveaway competition!

I've recently just hit 1,000 'Likers' or 'Fans' on Facebook, I can still hardly believe it. I never thought I would sell one doll, let alone nearly over 25! I absolutely love making them, and feel so grateful that there are people who want to buy them and give them homes, otherwise I would be over run by the little trouble makers!

TO celebrate, I am having a competition, draw a picture of a Spryte, and write a little about them and if you win, I will make up the Spryte for you! At the end of the comp, all the stories and pics will go up into an album on my facebook page, so we can all share the stories with eachother <3 Click HERE to read more!

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