The British Faery: Braaiiiinnnssss....

Thursday, 22 September 2011


He wants your braaiins! But, he will settle for a cuddle.....( Just watch out he doesn't try to take a bite!)

His body has been completley hand painted on white cotton, I didnt want to make him out of just plain green, as Zombies need that decaying multi-shaded skin tone! 
I gave him jointed arms, so they can be posed in the traditional zombie stance, or put down.
I think I am going to sew little stitch marks over his wounds too...

This Little guy has taken me MUCH longer than I anticipated, as I couldnt get him just the way I had envisioned, so I ended up repainting him quite a few times!! 

I would say I am pretty pleased with him now though! =D
What do you think? Does he need anything extra? 

(Coming up next is the Pumpkin!) 

The British Faery x

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