The British Faery: Pumpkins and Newborns...!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pumpkins and Newborns...!!

I have been rather busy today it seems!
Here are some of the things I played around with this eve.....

I have been working on little Fimo babes, the first I left in the oven to long (Ie, completely forgot about) and it swelled up and all but exploded.... =( R.I.P Wee babe #1..!!!
But here is Wee Babe #2. What do you think of him? 

And here is my pumpkin man!! A 5 Year old Girl I look after decided that his name was Ponky. I quite agree! Ponky The Pumpkin.
He also has a little Fimo pumkin, that didnt make it into this photograph unfortunately!

He and Mr. Zombie look rather dashing together! 


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