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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Faery Cottage

Working on the Faerie Cottage again yesterday. we got a super amount of work done!! 
Here is the back of the cottage, a shelf with acorn cups, the kitchen counter, and a fire. the Kitchen area has a leaf roof, that lights up beautifully thanks to the fire. 

We havent done the floor yet, we are still deciding what it will be. Any ideas?
This is a shot with the flash, so you can see it all a bit better! 

This rock is found just outside the house, Goldilocks put the gems in, and little fae made the toadstools. 
The rock will hang over a little pond. 

Some shots of the fire. it is made from an lectric tea-light. I broke of the majority of the plastic, leaving only the top, and the light. I set red and amber glass stones around it, wrapped moss around the whole thing, and added some leaves and then he sticks to hang a teapot from later.
The switch to turn it on and of slips through the wall, so it is easy to use! 

The British Faery. x


  1. My first thought was a mossy carpet, but that might dry out. Woven rushes might be nice.

  2. I thought moss too, but didnt think there would be a big enought distinction from outside. I was thinking of a stone floor, but woven rushes ( So just tyoed Roven Wushed then!) Would look amazing!!!

  3. It's lovely! Would straw work for the floor?

  4. Oooh yes, straw would look nice too!


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