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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A finished Faery house!

We finally finished the Faery House!
We have had so much fun building it, thinking up ideas, hunting for twigs, acorns, moss, stones and many other things besides!
I think it looks fab, and am so proud of the Faeby's. They did an ACE job. Unsuprisingly, I didnt have my camera for the very last finishing touches, so hopefully the pics from my phone are acceptable.
Luckily, I did have my camera last week, and took lots of photos then, all that was missing really was the light from the fire, so its not all bad!!

Its got a paving stone floor, a pond, and jewel encrusted rock on which Toadstools spout, and is the perfect place to sit and fish =)

Little Fae was rather worried about all the mess, so made a little broom so the faeries could sweep and tidy the place up!

 Adding the finishing touches! Goldi-Locks is filling in the gaps between the paving slabs with moss.
The Fishing Pond, Tin foil, coloured with blue and green highlighters, then covered with cling film !

Inside.. From this angle you can see the glue at the back under the kitchen worktop. You can't from a standing view though. May have to fix that!!! The kitchen side has a walnut sink, some acorn bowls, acorn pots,pans and plates. The Faebys loved fining all the different shaped ones, exclaiming, this ones perfect for a bowl! Look! This ones flat like a bowl! WOW! This ones massive! And the most excitement came from the ones that had the stalks on and looked like frying pans and cooking pots, especially when you could find a perfect lid!! !
 You can also see the little fire burning away in the corner there, with a tri-pod hanging over. The original fire was much nicer, we stuck coloured glass stones around the light, which made them all glow! It broke though, so this was the next best thing..

Lit up in the dark.... We have a little hanging lantern too...

A very bad photo of the kitchen area. 

Looking in from outside!

It makes me want to fix up my own faery house, which has fallen into a little disrepair, due to the house move, and various travelling. In the new year, I am definitely fixing it up! 
Built for me by Mandy at Faerie Wishes

The British Faery xx 


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic!

  2. Thankyou! We are so pleased with how it turned out =D


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