The British Faery: Tillie and Twitch

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tillie and Twitch

Tillie and Twitch are two VERY naughty little Sprytes. They got lost when they were small Sprytlings, and have been rasied by the Wild Woods of Albion. 
They know the wood better than any other Spryte, other than Sanjana perhaps, and can outrun and out-hide all the other Sprytes and creatures. 
They are regularly playing tricks, wether it be on Humans, the Woodland Creatures, or fellow Sprytes! 
There favourite trick is to make rustling noises in the fallen leaves, as they love seeing wether the human gets scared or curious by it!! 
(Its usually Scared. Those naughty Sprytes.) 

 Because Twitch has grown up in the wildest parts of Albion, he has become very cheeky and fast footed! He got his name from never being able to stay still, always hopping, dancing, and running all over. Even when sat he bounces up and down! Twitch loves to race, and will always be found competing against the hare’s and foxes. He can be a bit of a cheat though, and will make them laugh so hard they run out of breath! 

Tillie loves nothing more than flying at super-fast speeds upon the backs of birds of prey, Falcons being her favourites, and jumping of suddenly to surprise whovever may be on the ground below! Whith a giggle and a twirl though, Tillie has vanished from sight. (Down a rabbit hole would be my guess) She has the loyalty of all the Forest creatures, and she guards them fiercely, Rabbits, birds, Mice, Badgers and even Deer all come to her when in need.

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  1. Wonderful. I loved hearing their stories.

    Blessings, V.


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