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Saturday, 31 December 2011

German Adventures!

Last weekend, or even the weekend before that perhaps, I went to Germany!
A spur of the moment decision for a friend and I, we booked 3 days in Bonn to do some Christmas shopping in the Markets, to enjoy the Glu-wine, German sausage and soak up the wonderful Christmas atmosphere... 

 Oh sweet confectionery! 
 A mini Bonn Square...

 0.2 ml of beer!! =O
 I very much wanted one of these mugs! =( They are what the Glu-Wine was served in... 
 We stopped for a day in Koln, (Cologne) and checked out the market there too. Not as good as Bonn. It was very busy, and the stalls weren't as nice as the ones we had seen in Bonn. 
 This was a nice view though! 

Some magic sky for us to fly through as we came home.... 

I wonder what adventures 2012 hold for me! 

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