The British Faery: Making Books.....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Making Books.....

For Christmas, I gave the Faebys their own bags, filled with a crafting kit. Goldilocks recieved a sewing kit, with lots of fat quaters, and Little Fae received fimo, shapers, some felt, fur, feathers and googly eyes! 

A little gift each from Germany:

The Bag I made Goldilocks:

And a rucksack for Little Fae

Here is what they found inside! 

 Little Fae's Monster Making kit:

They decided they both wanted to make a book each, that they can sketch all their ideas down in.... 
Here's what we came up with! 

His Monsterbook!! with a felt tongue book mark, and Fimo eyes. So cute!!! 

We made the pages out of thing we found around the house, old drawwings, bags, it was lots of fun finding unusual things we could use! 

Here is Goldilocks book, we are in the middle of making a applique/embroidered cover for the front!  

Hope you had a fun and creative holidays! 


  1. These kids must really love you :) You look like the best nanny ever!

  2. Aww thankyou! I like to think so ;) We do always have so much fun!


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