The British Faery: Queen Amariel

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Queen Amariel

Amariel is Aranion's Queen, (Or should we say that he is her King?) 
She is the one we know least about, vanishing for many months at a time, though the Sprytes are certain in their belief that she is the spirit of he Woodlands, and has not gone, but has assumed another form instead.
I can't say I disagree. Her eyes clearly hold many secrets.
While it Aranion who looks after all the other Sprytes, and keeps a little of them all in his own spirit, Amariel watches over the Wood itself, making sure that no Humans accidently find it, and that it is healthy and safe. 
She is different to Aranion, he is jolly, naughty and full of laughter, keeping the Sprytes amused, and making sure they are also up to no good!
Amariel however, is mysterious, dark, and does not partake in the Spryte mischief. The sprytes know they are in trouble when Amariel appears before them! 
Luckily, Aranion always manages to get Amariel to forgive them though....

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